Charging Gas Transfer (CGT-Machine) Machine

Emissions during charging is one of the main concerns in stamp charged coke plants, which can be overcome with a suitable CGT-Machine. VeCon offers the state-of-the-art pollution prevention facilities, fulfilling all prevailing European and international standards.

Based on our previous experience and the CGT technology that was developed in 1990s, we successfully developed our latest CGT technology which is applicable to stamp charged ovens from 4.3m to 6.3m. It’s already successfully utilized in Dillingen 6.3m stamp charged coke plant.

The CGT system consists of a CGT machine with U-tubes, a high pressure water extraction system and a sealing frame for the oven door. For 6.25m ovens, the system has been combined in Dillingen with a single chamber regulation system. No HPLA system is required and the gas collecting main is operated under negative pressure. This combination has proven its outstanding results in Dillingen.

Existing coke plants can be refitted with our CGT-Machine. In combination with VeCon coke oven service machines, the best available solution can be offered.