Twin Charging Pushing (twin-CP) Machine – New Level in cost-efficiency

Highest machine performance on an equal level compared to a SCP-Machine with far lower weight (lower CAPEX) and significant lower energy consumption (lower OPEX).

The newly developed and patented twin-CP Machine is the perfect solution for modernization and revamping of existing coke oven batteries. The completely new machine layout enables to combine, what normally can’t be combined.


Key Facts of twin-CP Machine Design

  • Two stamping boxes for simultaneous stamping of two coal cakes, which leads to drastic reduction of the total cycle time
  • Two charging devices for consecutive charging of two ovens without intermediate traveling to central stamping station, which leads to drastic reduction of the total cycle time
  • One pushing device between the two stamping boxes for consecutive pushing of two ovens
  • Frame cleaning travel frame on basis of newly developed and very space saving slotted link mechanism
  • Door handling and door cleaning devices (mechanic and/or hight pressure water jet)
  • Each stamping box is equipped with spillage coal devices with local machine storage or continuous discharging
  • Cabins (operator, electric, hydraulic, etc.) are positioned to reach best weight distribution over the main frame and to the gantry traveling device
  • Gantry traveling device with lowest possible energy consumption due to low total machine weight
  • Coal cake scrapper to ensure fast and reliable reaction of the unlikely event of a coal cake breakage

Advantages of VeCon twin-CP Machine Concept in Comparison with other Machine Types

Example 1 (revamping of existing coke oven battery):

  • Total numbers of coke ovens to be served: 224
  • Coking time: 24h
  • Mass of coal charge: 27,2t
  • Stationary stamping machine already installed on coal tower
  • Required machines: 4 Charging Machines + 4 Pushing Machines or 4 CP-Machines or 2 twin-CP Machines or 2 SCP-Machines

Example 2 (new build coke oven battery):

  • Total numbers of coke ovens to be served: 248
  • Coking time: 25,5h
  • Mass of coal charge: 52,5t
  • Required machines: 2 twin-CP Machines or 2 SCP-Machines (continuous belt feeding)