VeCon SCP-Machine – Highest Performance Level

VeCon SCP-Machines are engineered due to latest standards according to best available state of technology. The combination between highest performance and lowest possible costs is always a key aspect for the overall design.

Key Equipments of VeCon SCP-Machines:

  • Gantry Traveling Device (including Counter Pressure Device)
  • Main Platform
  • Bench Cleaner
  • Spillage Coal Device
  • Stamping Box
  • Steel Structure (including Coal Hopper)
  • Coal Feeder
  • Stamping System
  • Charging Device
  • Charging Trestle
  • Sealing Frame
  • Door Handling (consisting of: Travel Frame, Door Manipulator, Frame Cleaner)
  • Door Cleaner (mechanic or hydraulic)
  • Pushing Device (including Coke Oven Battery Condition Monitoring)
  • Central Vacuum System
  • Coal Cake Scraper
  • Hydraulic System
  • Pneumatic System
  • Electric and Automation System
  • Lubrication System
  • Cabins


All different equipment are combined due to customers requirement. That results in sophisticated and adapted machine concepts, which are perfectly fitted to site conditions and demands.